Hello Hollywood

Welcome to the L.A. Rose Cafe’s new site, we’re redesigning and launching our brand new internet site to celebrate our 30th year anniversary! Can you believe we’ve been here for 3 decades?

We’ll keep you posted as it develops and some of our popularly requested recipes get published, so stay tuned.

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  1. David

    Love it, will be back for recipes and placing orders

  2. lb

    it opened in Jan 17 1982

  3. jack rothstein

    L.A Rose is the only place in LA that I feel homesick about and have traveled to the Philippines…because I just can’t get enough Filipino comfort food…and the L.A Rose is the ticket to heaven…especially if you are seeking great home made fresh fare…in a warm friendly atmosphere…serving patrons with care and precision…for close to 30 years…and if you are lucky then perhaps you will meet a sweet Filipina lass…ready and willing to comfort your soul with sweet loving kindness…so I say…without a doubt…it is the place to be …to fill your grumbling belly…and I promise …you will not break the bank…and will return again and again and again…it is the only place I eat at when I am in L.A…never tiring of the fare…I wish I were there…right now…hehehehe

  4. Rachel

    For my 13 years living in L.A., I have never been to a ” very Filipino” Setting Cafe, such as LA Rose!!! Love the hospitality, the ambiance, and of course their food presentations!

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